James Cotton – Another One Gone

I woke up this morning to the news that blues legend James Cotton has passed away. There’s not too many of these influential American artists still alive today, but the legacy they left behind will surely endure forever. I had a funny encounter with James Cotton a number of years ago while at the post […]

We’re the Immigrants!

I’ve been wondering “just when was America great?” Over and over again, what does the President mean by this, and what does it mean to the people who voted for him? Going back to the very birth of this nation, with the systematic genocide of the Native Americans, it seems like no matter what good […]

“The New Untouchables” Revisted

I illustrated and designed this book cover in 1994 for The Noble Press, and author John DeSantis. The New Untouchables, subtitled “How America Sanctions Police Violence” resonates just as much today, as it did 23 years ago, when it was first published. From Amazon: “…a compelling study of police violence in America, shedding new light […]