In honor of International Women’s Day, I’d like to bring attention to Yoko Ono‘s sculpture SKYLANDING in Chicago’s Jackson Park. I had the honor of working with Yoko, Robert W. Karr, Jr, and Tatsu Aoki on the package design for an album of Yoko’s music, performed by the Miyumi Project, featuring Dee Alexander on vocals. […]

“The New Untouchables” Revisted

I illustrated and designed this book cover in 1994 for The Noble Press, and author John DeSantis. The New Untouchables, subtitled “How America Sanctions Police Violence” resonates just as much today, as it did 23 years ago, when it was first published. From Amazon: “…a compelling study of police violence in America, shedding new light […]

“Listen, We Need to Talk” book release.

Last fall, I had the opportunity to work with Brian F. Harrison and Melissa R. Michelson on the cover design of their new book Listen, We Need To Talk for Oxford University Press. The book is available now, and Amazon recently listed it as the #1 new release in books on civil rights. You can […]