We’re the Immigrants!

I’ve been wondering “just when was America great?” Over and over again, what does the President mean by this, and what does it mean to the people who voted for him?

Going back to the very birth of this nation, with the systematic genocide of the Native Americans, it seems like no matter what good things this country has achieved (and there are many), there has never been a time when this country was truly great for everyone.

In solidarity with the Native Americans protesting in Washington today, I thought I’d share this digital illustration of a photo of Lakota Chief Rain-in-the-Face that I merged with satellite imagery.

Although I originally created this art as part of a series of digital illustrations for a record titled Ancient Face by Mr. Blotto, it has burned into my consciousness in so many other ways. Like how I felt when I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, and learned about horrible things this country did (and continues to do) to the indigenous peoples of this land.

The land, the water, and air that this horrible fascist regime seems so lustfully intent on destroying — and to quote a song by Bob Dylan With God on Our Side.